The Pontifical Institute of the Religious Teachers Filippini
is an Institute of consecrated life dedicated to the works of the Christian Apostolate. 

Faithful to the original inspiration of our Founders, St. Lucy Filippini and Cardinal Mark Anthony Barbarigo,
we continue to regard the ministry of the Christian education of youth and of adults, especially women, as our principal duty. 


AidsOrphansRising 2ndeditionAIDS Orphans Rising will answer all of your questions and includes many ideas on how you can help these children make it in this world. The book introduces and allows you to link to many groups helping these children and one especially, the Religious Teachers Filippini.

They are unique in that they guarantee that 100% of your donation actually gets to the children and none of your gift goes for administrative purposes. All donations go toward what you wish the children to have.Reading the statistics on these orphans can cause one to either not believe or just give up, feeling that the problem is insurmountable. But AIDS Orphans Rising presents to you children who are overcoming the most unbeatable odds.

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Perhaps in the past you have been asked to help orphan children but felt your gift really never got to the children. AIDS Orphans Rising will assist you in finding many groups that are able to make a great difference in the lives of these children, doing so much with very little, and very little bureaucracy. Again, the Religious Teachers Filippini is in the forefront of providing for these children in Adigrat, Ethiopia. The Sisters take the smaller CHH into their hostel until the oldest one is able to provide for the smaller children on their own.


The youngest survivorsIn The Youngest Survivors, Sister Laura Longo, MPF explains that too often children who are not living with natural parents are lonely, angry and bewildered. Parents who become victims of drugs, alcohol, child abuse and/or neglect place their children in a downward spiral.

When and if society reaches out to reunite the family, hope becomes apparent. Parents who cooperate and improve their lifestyle will be reunited with their children. Every State in the United States daily seeks to improve the system by changing what does not work and to learn from those who have succeeded in bringing the family unit together. These stories are based on true happenings using fictitious names.

Publications by Sister Margherita Marchione, MPF
Man of PeaceMan of Peace contains historic photographs, sketches and documents portraying the life and works of Pope Pius XII. It captures his role as spiritual leader of the Catholic Church, celebrates his accomplishments and eloquently describes the salient periods of his life by means of humorous anecdotes, historical facts, human-interest stories, and revelations on the Holocaust.
Phillip MazzeiPhilip Mazzei is the culmination of ten years of meticulous research on Philip Mazzei, a fascinating figure of the enlightenment who offered a European perspective to the Founding Fathers of this country as well as an enthusiastic exposition of American ideals in Europe that contributed to the success of the American cause. This book reveals that Philip Mazzei's influence was felt on many levels. Under the pen names 'Furisoso,' 'Citizen of Virginia,' and 'Citizen of the World,' he exhorted the colonists to sever all ties with England. Scholars and general readers alike will appreciate this work for its comprehensive and striking portrayal of a man who was a participant in the panorama of 18th century history both in America and Europe.
MargheritaThe Fighting Nun: Sister Margherita Marchione’s mission fulfilled a dream that found its origins in God. Her confidence in Divine Providence never drifts, permitting no leeway to any challenge. Author of thirty-five books and over one hundred articles, she is the recipient of a Michael from the New Jersey Literary Hall of Fame. With her research on the Holocaust relating to Pope Pius XII’s efforts in saving Jews, she launched a crusade in his defense that has advanced her status as one of the world’s leading scholars.
Among Italian-American women who have succeeded in their careers, Sister Margherita continues to perform an inspiring role. For her, service is not a burden; it is a privilege. Charming as well as courageous and compassionate, she takes overwhelming pride in her heritage. She is known as a “liberated“ member of society and a gifted member of the Religious Teachers Filippini. Sister Margherita Marchione’s mission fulfilled a dream that found its origins in God. Her confidence in Divine Providence never drifts, permitting no leeway to any challenge.



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