Empowering the Mission


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EMPOWERING THE MISSION is an initiative of the Religious Teachers Filippini that established the SPIRIT of the Founders had and continues to have its SOURCE in a CHARISM - the charism of St. Lucy Filippini and Cardinal Barbarigo. Thus, like other religious groups, the religious foundation began with a group who shared a common spirit flowing from the original charism of the founder. This spirit rooted in the charism is a particular grace that enabled them to LIVE a COMMON LIFE and to attempt a COMMON TASKS.

EMPOWERING THE MISSION is to be embraced as a living/evolving tool in the schools and Religious Education Programs of the Religious Teachers Filippini.  It will support the continued growth of our precious Catholic schools – the foundation of our Catholic Church - through the Educational Philosophy and the Charism of St. Lucy Filippini and the vision of Pope Francis.

EMPOWERING THE MISSION inspires school staff, the Faith Formation Centers and Parish Societies to put “Faith into Action”.  The love of Christ the Teacher empowers us to keep the vision and mission of St. Lucy Filippini alive in her schools and in the parish communities to judiciously address their pressing needs in the 21st Century.