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The Institute of the Religious Teachers Filippini was founded by Lucy Filippini and Cardinal Mark Anthony Barbarigo who, in 1692, looked ahead with a vision to fulfilling their generous, ardent and profound mission of faith and charity. The schools they founded were intended to promote the dignity of womanhood, and help influence a healthy family life.

St. Lucy Filippini and Cardinal Barbarigo founded schools of Christian Doctrine for girls in Italy. St. Lucy also ministered to the poor and the sick, conducted retreats and guided the women preparing for marriage. A contemplative in action, she blended her life of prayer with her life of ministry.

This website is dedicated to the founders of the Religious Teachers Filippini. In schools throughout the world, one still finds their methods at the basis of education -- that same imprint of goodness, meekness, fervor, and relationship to the times. 

These accomplishments will live on through a spiritual dimension in the mystical Body of the Church.

An overnight discernment retreat experience at Morning Star House of Prayer.
Saturday, July 26th (10AM) - Sunday, July 27th (1PM)

Come join with the Filippini Sisters - Providing
* two conferences
* Eucharistic Adoration
* Saturday evening Liturgy
* private prayer time
* beautiful grounds complete with Stations of the Cross and Rosary paths

A wonderful opportunity to meet the Sisters and share in their prayer, meals and recreation.

Morning Star House of Prayer
312 West Upper Ferry Road
Trenton, NJ 08628
for further information contact - Sister Shirlee - stbernadetteconvent@gmail.com

 The John Paglia Conference Center
The Honorable John Paglia Conference Center is a haven of welcome and hospitality, characteristic of the spirit of the Religious Teachers Filippini. It is structured to host small groups who are seeking to gather in a comfortable, tranquil site to nourish personal, spiritual, and professional lives through days of prayer, workshops, and conferences. All programs are in harmony with the distinctive charism of the Religious Teachers Filippini: to teach the Word of God and to promote programs that embrace educative Christian values.


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